Wednesday, October 11, 2006

G'Vaot Olam - The Hills of the World

After leaving Sebastia, we needed to do something positive. To go where Jews are establishing new settlements, building the Land and thriving. We drove 20 minutes east, past the settlements of Yitzhar and Bracha and arrived at Itamar. We drove through Itamar and continued on a tiny one lane paved road to the most magnificent hilltop settlement in the world.

G’vaot Olam, which means “The Hills of the World” was founded by Avri Ran.

G’vaot Olam is home to animal pens, fields of organic vegetables, olive and apricot groves, a dairy, flour mill and synagogue.
The houses are well-groomed and the paths are lined with flowers. There are no locks on the doors. Instead of a fence, there is a large watch tower. They even raise their own guard dogs.

This settlement is the epitome of what the Jewish people need.

To reclaim our Land, to build and grow and thrive.

When we arrived there was a tour bus full of settlers from other communities leaving. We had the place mostly to ourselves.

Watch tower –

Immaculate Barns –

Guard dogs -


Incredible views -

Not much needs to be said about G’vaot Olam.

Privately owned, exclusively Jewish labor, Profitable organic farming, in the holy Land of Israel.

As we left the area we stopped to remember Matan Zagron, of Itamar who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Land of Israel when he threw himself at a suicide bomber, saving many lives, but losing his own.

For more information on G’vaot Olam:


Blogger Joe Settler said...

Did you get to meet Avri while you were there?

1:35 PM  
Blogger Cosmic X said...

Nice post. Been eatingthe organic eggs for a long time.

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